Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm back....
Here to wish u girls merry Christmas & happy new year...
~May all the good come & all the bad go far far away.... ha ha
Well time flies really fast as all of us grow older and all the things change around us as in people, things, & etc... I miss all the happy moment in school, outing with friends, doing crazy things.... and now what I've to think is just work work work... There are still happy moment but just for a while... OK have to stop all the nonsense... haha...

Yesterday cousin wedding.. WOW!! a new life for her.... Blessed her with all the happiness & joys... here are the picture...

-Ciao- at 6:17 PM

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hey gals.... back... =D
Will life goes on & its still going on the same for me everyday... don't feel like talking bout work today.. that gonna make u girls get bored with my blog... haha...

WEEE!!!! was out with cousin this morning for breakfast... It seems like long time did not catch up with her already... camwhore while on the way back home... :) as usual yea.. ha ha...

Talk bout yesterday ... Sok Yin's birthday party... Welcome to the 21st club... =D
nothing much to update.. its just a small gathering for us... :) let pictures do the talking..

Curious bout the someone?? here you go.. ha ha...
this is the someone hands...
take care girls...

-Ciao- at 11:06 PM

Saturday, November 24, 2007
Sunday Morning

Hey girls.... I'm back to update my blog... ha ha... have not been able to blog this few weeks cause was kinda busy with my job... Well job have been going quite smoothly till now... have to bear with all the PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE!!!! Senior have been saying, telling & questioning this & that... sometimes will think that they are so noisy but sometimes were kinda useful cause it help me to remember my stuff... ha ha...

Lady boss has high expectation from me (heard from some other people) This is another kinda pressure again... What if I cant do of what she expected from me??? Thats gonna let her down... :( Well what i can do is try my very best to do it... :)

actually nothing much to update... no outing no gathering... so yea... LIFE goes on... & there is a someone getting into my life?? ha ha.. thing goes naturally...

take care ya girls


-Ciao- at 6:00 PM

Monday, November 12, 2007
i MUST b strong

i'm still blur with my job... what should i do... argh.... i cant even handle a file till closing... oh man...

today was damn busy till i've to run up & down here & there till my senior cant take it already & telling me that if they want their document they will wait for you... u don't rush here & there then later kelam kabut then i was like... o ok lor.... maybe im still new & dunno how i should do & what i sud do...

as a new gal... there are supplier or customer that are hard to talk... thy only listen to the senior where their explanation & our explanation is the same -_-''' weird

today was just my day lar... to rush all the document like a crazy person like that... people who dont know you thought u crazy 1... haha....accumulate the milage that i've run i can run to town already... :D
k la... tats all for today works...

-Ciao- at 5:49 AM

Saturday, November 10, 2007
Busy Busy Days

Hey people... im back to blog... haha..
well kinda busy all this while... everybody was rushing for the documentation stuff.... christmas coming new year coming... shipper's need to ship their stuff over to oversea...
lets not talk bout work then... get back to the busy weekdays i have... was out with Convent gals this few day & went Lynette birthday party on the 1st of November... fun!!! then on Deepavali we went for steamboat... gosh.. its all bout food... haha... actually dont have the appetite to eat coz gastric... let the pic do the talking yea...



-Ciao- at 3:50 AM

Sunday, November 4, 2007
Photo is out!!!!

WEEE!!!! the photo album is out.... :D

was kinda busy this few days....was here to update some of the picture that we took the other days... :D

-Ciao- at 1:13 AM

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh man... its been quite sometimes that i didn't blog... ha ha...
Well work have been quite a lot since the day they teach me how to do & print the documents...
senior was telling me that since you've choose this job and I've to tell you my experience... this job is a job which u gonna scarified your day your time....there will be no day or night for you...
think back this is the job i choose... now this time this kinda world... no money no talk... so there should be a no pain no gain time... gain experience & thats the way to live on for my future
I've gotta be strong & keep it going & hope my brain gonna work properly this time 2 remember things thats gonna use in.... ha ha...
& another thing is tat i only got the 1 & only day 2 meet up with all my gals.. so sad... this job had also take up most of my time to hang out with my gals... worried that will neglected some of my friends hope that thy will understand that not tat i dun wanna meet up but due to the busy work that I've to hand up on time & get all the documents done in time...
Aiks... really feel bad when some friends ask me for gathering & i've been rejecting... =[

-Ciao- at 8:47 PM

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